November 9, 2011

We all (myself included) owe last few posts to my friend Richard.  A constant reader of BillBlog, he is devoted to scouring the internet, and has a keen eye for all things chic.  Over time I have collected several suggestions from him regarding good websites, blogs and other must have items.  Among his suggestions was iomoi.  This cool company that can personalise calling cards, stationary, Christmas cards, and other things like canvas trays, ice buckets and plates to name a few.  You should be a fan of the preppy bright colors and love a monogram, but I’m telling you there is something for everyone at iomoi.  The note cards above are very masculine and serve a gentleman well ( yes, I would be referring to myself of course. I picked this pattern for a general use note card, love the browns).

I guess fairly recently they have joined creative forces with Matouk, a fine bedding and linens company that happens to be made very, very close to where I live on the east coast.  Anyway, this means that you can now order hand towels, pillows and the like and match everything to your business card, your stationary, your ice bucket and your plates!  Hurry up and start self branding over at

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