November 8, 2011

'Nest' Thermostats Already Sold Out Through Early 2012Finally a good-looking ( and smart ) thermostat… now we just have to get contractors from putting them dead center on the biggest wall in the most obvious place!  …but I digress.  This is the most excited people have been about a thermostat since well… ever.  People are so excited about the Nest, a.k.a. “the iPod of thermostats,” that the device is already sold out through early 2012.

A notice on Nest’s website apologizes that “the demand was huge from day one and the orders haven’t slowed down.” The company is “sold out through early next year ” and has closed its online store until then…. But we can still be excited and wait patiently until they figure out how to catch up the demand.  Those who pre-ordered their Nests have nothing to worry about ( don’t ask me how they were so “in the know”).  Those who reserved a Nest through should be seeing them sometime between December and February; for those who pre-ordered them via Best Buy, expect a shipping date in late December.

What’s so special about this particular thermostat in the first place? For one, it learns from you, automatically adjusting itself to your tastes over time. It also has motion sensors that sense when you’re not around, turning down the heat to save money when the house is empty.  Most importantly, it just looks cool. It was designed by Tony Fadell, the man who brought us the iPod. It shares a similar sleek aesthetic, and we LOVE a well designed anything, with brilliantly intuitive touches like a screen that glows red when the temperature is rising and blue when it’s cooling down. The Nest retails for $249.


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