(not quite) White on White

November 2, 2011

A client of mine has a chair that is most likely from the Victorian era.  it is similar to the ones in the image above but has closed sides that are almost as high as the back.  The chair is currently being stripped of its heavy tapestry fabric and we have a plan in place to have the frame sprayed with a white lacquer.  The big debate is what we recover with…white fabric – white on white – or a white and natural linen herringbone pattern that pulls the natural linen on the drapes and bed.  I thought I wanted the strong visual of a white on white chair but now I’m almost certain the herringbone would be a bit more subtle in the room.  Did I mention there are white high gloss lacquered night stands in the room already?  They are from Bungalow 5 and boy are they sexy.As of right now we don’t have strong colorful art planned for the space.  Wanting something a bit more restful, we are planning on a pop of deep lavender on the bed and have only hung a large Venetian mirror over a dresser.  White the room is quiet by way of color the glam factor is bumped up with a glass chandelier that’s hung over the foot of the bed in the center of the room, it adds drama and interest to a quiet and serene guest bedroom.  Here are the fabrics we are working with for bed pillows, they are all from Anna French ( now carried by Thibaut ).

Once the bedding is in place and the chair is back from the upholsterer I’ll take a photo for the ol blog.

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