Clean Up Your Act

November 1, 2011

Ex.t Launches a Trio of New Products

I love the idea of something less pedestrian that your typical wooden box with drawers and cabinet doors for a vanity, that’s why I love this sexy Italian washstand.  A product design firm Ex.t this vanity is one of three new and recently released products.  Along with the vanity there is freestanding coat stand/towel rack and a ceramic version of their Blub 4 pendant. All three pieces speak to the spare aesthetic for which the brand is known and of course high design.

Ex.t Launches a Trio of New Products

Fir is a sparsely alluring, freestanding, varnished metal coat stand or towel rack. Depending on where you plant it. It’s designed by German designer Hannes Gumpp, who lives and works in Monaco and actually trained as a blacksmith. The company describes the design as “a graphic abstraction of a tree,” and that it is. That they chose an azure blue over green as the color makes it that much more fantastical. Smartly, the piece is collapsible and can be easily fixed in the desired position just by turning the tip of the stem.

Ex.t Launches a Trio of New Products

Studio Ex.t designed the new Flat Washstand, a freestanding washstand available in two sizes, constructed from lacquered waterproof wood or natural oak and white varnished steel. This design rounds out the company’s bathroom furniture offerings, as it provides a more minimal alternative to its Collage Vanity Unit… love!


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