Blogging from Paradise

November 30, 2011

It’s a beautiful day in paradise – Phuket, Thialand – and I’m blogging from our patio overlooking the Andaman Sea.  Simply amazing.  I have to say the natural beauty of Thailand is incredible, and the culture is inspiring both in spirit and style…  There is nothing quite like the warmth of the Thai people. Our resort the Paresa is a blend of traditional Thai and contemporary design, the warmth of wood and strength of stone balanced with the weightlessness of floor to ceiling glass is combined with woven textures, hand painted silks and exotic wood floors.

Sorry the picture is a bit out of focus and grainy, don’t know whats going on with that, but here is an image of the suites at Paresa Resort.  Infinity pools and luxury bathrooms make the rooms special beyond imagination!  Our room has a vessel tub made from white terrazzo, frameless glass enclosures for both the lav and shower… all with glorious views.  Here’s what you’re missing…

And because I know you’re dying to see it…



November 29, 2011

BELLOCQ, the award-winning tea company and purveyor of evocative artisan blends, has relocated their ‘tea atelier’ to Greenpoint, New York following the success of their Kings Road, London shop, Bellocq Tea Atelier. The business, which offers a unique and evocative line of handcrafted blends, with seductive names such as ‘Kikuya’, ‘Le Hammeau’ and ‘Noble Savage’, also curates an inspiring selection of the organic full leaf teas. Bellocq is refining the luxury tea business to suit the evolving and sophisticated taste of the modern client.

THE STORY of Bellocq is one of passion and discovery. Bellocq’s founders, Heidi Johannsen Stewart, Michael Shannon and Scott Stewart joined creative forces with a desire to collaborate on a shared aesthetic vision that captures their appreciation of traditional artisan work and a love of fine tea.

Bellocq’s award-winning handcrafted blends unite the finest traditional teas with a modern, adventurous spirit. “Tea is an affordable, everyday luxury,” says Heidi, a former Martha Stewart Living editor, stylist and columnist, who’s work regularly graces the pages of various fine publications including ‘Food and Wine’ magazine, ‘O’ the Oprah magazine, and the ‘New York Times’, “Bellocq’s sophisticated approach to flavor and fragrance is tailored to an educated, stylish, and sophisticated customer. Our teas suit the needs and desires of the modern well-traveled client. We use all of our resources to create extraordinary teas and cultivate genuine relationships with our clients.”

Read more HERE.

Hong Kong Hustle

November 28, 2011

…is what we did that today in spades. After an early morning coffee and a trek to the top of Victoria Peak, we went shopping for linens, ceramics, and furniture.  a brief lunch by the pool at the Four Seasons and we were back to shopping this time for clothes – I love Shanghitang – and finally foot massages and pedicures.  Thats my kind of hustle!  Exhausted, I could do it all again tomorrow.  One of the better websites/blogs I have found since being here is  Young and current it has something for anyone intrested in design, food, nightlife and the whats what in Hong Kong.  Even if you’re not planning on visiting Hong Kong anytime soon, it’s an interesting read with lots of pretty pictures and who knows you might just end up ahead of the curve on the next big trend.

Kathy Griffin Redesign

November 27, 2011

Found on a fellow bloggers site ( I was blown away by this photo of Katy Griffin.  What does this have to do with design?  you might be asking…  Everything.  It’s all packaging.  This woman has recreated herself literally by dieting, going under the knife, bleaching, dying, relaxing, waxing and yes air-brushing.  But, she looks amazing!  How different is it really than starting with a one window apartment in NYC and dressing it up to look like a million bucks? ok several million.  not at all.  It’s the attention to detail, the up-keep and making the right choices to better your space… or face.

oh and… Griffin is an outspoken supporter for LGBT rights, including same-sex marriage. She has protested with fellow proponents in West Hollywood, California, and showcased the footage of such protests on her reality show Kathy Griffin: My Life on the D-List.  Prior to the Proposition 8 ballot results, Griffin volunteered for the Los Angeles Gay and Lesbian Center’s “Vote for Equality” campaign, going door-to-door asking Los Angeles residents for their opinion of LGBT marriage rights.  In March of 2010, Griffin helped organize a rally in Washington DC to repeal “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell.”  Read more on Kathy here.

Secret Garden

November 26, 2011

Love these butterflies with wide-spread wings and beetles with long feelers arranged in a circle with legs next to each other  forming brooches, pendants, rings and bangles. They also occur individually, as an ear stud sitting on the tip of the ear, or as a pin, nonchalantly crawling on the lapel.  All of these are the works of Nikolay Sardamov.  

The insects are their own silhouettes: silver shadows, sometimes gilded or blackened. They sit in symmetric ornaments which grow into three-dimensional constructions and resemble flowers in bloom. The beetles and butterflies turn into petals. and they are breathtaking. And the secret of the garden? Its flowers can spread their wings and fly away.

Hong Kong

November 25, 2011

Who knew there was another city that never sleeps? And, no.  I’m not referencing my internal time-clock that is quite angry with me for traveling half way around – or over as it were – the world.  Last night was or first night in this big crazy city.  I was surprised at how multicultural it actually is.  Young people everywhere, from every walk of life pouring out of the bars and clubs that apparently stay open all night long are fashionable and hip, and they all seem to speak english.  After several drinks with friends from the states and here, we walked to a private supper club for dinner.

The food was amazing, and I was so glad to not have to navigate a menu.  Everything was hand-picked by our host and we ate like royalty.  Whole fried sweet and sour fish, dumplings, cabbage, and far too many others to mention.  After dinner we had a night-cap before taking our friends back to their hotel. I don’t know why I didn’t expect so many hills, so many young people and the old and new to be so intertwined, but there it is.  My first impression of Hong Kong…  Young, diverse and very cool.
P.S. Sorry about the stock images… many good ones from dinner but still having a few minor issues with iphone, roaming, wifi and the like.  Will update when I get all that corrected.
P.P.S. If I decide to post daily about Hong Kong I will intersperse with other things to keep for being too self-indulgent… or check back after the 4th, and I’ll be back to the usual fodder.  Thanks for reading.  BB

Grey is the New Black

November 24, 2011

HAPPY THANKSGIVING.  Ok, so this is a mobile post from the Boston airport… I’m on my way to Hong Kong and Thailand! Posts maybe hit or miss for the next two weeks ( and spell check will not be watching my back ) but I’m going to try and keep this going while I’m away. The WordPress App for the iPhone is good, but it ain’t great so cross your fingers for me.

I was checking out the latest and greatest shelter magazines a few days ago and it hit me, grey is the new black. Just look! A grey colorless spread in each of the magazines that came out this month. I will admit that my work has been influenced by this trend towards greys and taupes. They are the perfect compliment to popular purples and lavenders and suit yellows and orange. A refreshing change from greys warm cousin beige, grey seems to be making a comeback!

Here is a snapshot of a clients home in Florida of a taupey grey sisal from Merida. The walls are a soft yellow, we used mostly taupe and grey upholstery fabrics with small pops of lavender in this living room… It’s looking great, but we’re not done yet. Strong accents in white and burnished gold will add needed “umph” to this pretty room.