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October 28, 2011

Sorry I’ve been so late with posts lately, It’s a very busy season both at work and at home.  These days my me time is filled with hunting down key items for my Halloween costume, painting… hot glue gun-ing… and scouring the basement, attic and families houses for illusive items.  Work is CRAZY busy too.  Everyone wants something (everything) in by Thanksgiving and It’s got me running from morning til dusk.   Sure I still troll the internet, check Facebook and never miss Project Runway – shocking results, but that’s a different blog – but the mood to sit and write has been evading me.  So here, borrowed from Design Milk is a great post on designer Frank Flavell.  Enjoy.

Frank Flavell

Young designer Frank Flavell paired with the furniture and product design firm, & Then, to create the Leaning Man tables and shelves. The simple leaning cube design of the side table, made from ash and lacquered MDF, evolved into the creation of the Leaning Man Console and Leaning Man Shelves. The design is quirky and fun and comes in range of colors.  The Leaning Man collection can be purchased from & Then.

Frank Flavell

Flavell has a few other projects that include the the Wingback Dining Chair and the Standard Lamp. The Wingback Chair is meant for public spaces to evoke privacy from a crowd.

Frank Flavell

Frank Flavell

The Standard Lamp has a center pole that allows for raising and lowering as needed to control the light in a room.  Read more at Design Milk:


One Response to “Frank Flavell – Borrowed Blog”

  1. jen Says:

    “spoiler alert”…? I haven’t watched the finale yet.
    love the shelves 🙂

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