A Great Modern Bed – Borrowed Blog

October 23, 2011

futuristic funky bed design

The people over at Dornob always seem to have the best radar for cool furnishings.  I was still very much in my grey zone when I came across this bed, love it and I love the grey and white.  This gravity-defying bed seems to float in space. Suspended from the side wall and bolstered by hidden supports the concept is elegantly simple and the optical illusion is dizzying but compelling, particularly set against the flush-to-the-wall minimalist white headboard behind the main hanging frame of the bed itself.  And the grey adds a sophistication I must say.

futuristic modern bed design

This hover bed by Alf Group also converges seamlessly with the surrounding shelving and storage spaces, themselves part of a larger elegant headboard system that provides stability to the bed where it meets the wall, as well as visual continuity.

futuristic cool bed diea

More than a mere aesthetic trick, this designer bed-and-headboard set is actually quite functional and relatively minimalist. Only the essential edges and lines to make everything work well as part of the whole bed, and each element reinforces the floating horizontals that are the centerpiece of the design concept.


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