Brag Blog

October 19, 2011

On a trip up to Maine recently I was on the hunt for a table lamp for our library.  I wanted to move a pair of floor lamps (or one anyway) from behind the sofa and I wanted to add a table light to the table behind the sofa.  And, while I had a sense of scale, I was open to metal/ceramic/wood & black/green/white/brown, or a combo of those… bottom line? Second store, less than 5 minutes, this lamp! = Super happy.

I love the patina on the japanned spool base, there are areas where the gold and black lacquer is rubbed away.  For me the visible age adds to the story of the room… old, new or shiny, dull.  I pulled the match stick lamp shade off of another light in the store and was thrilled to find it was a deep green that when lit glows a warm amber.  Because I mixed the parts of two fixtures the shop owner was able to supply the appropriately sized harp and a pretty finial. Needless to say, I scored. Perfect lamp, hand-picked shade, comfortable price, yay!


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