more Halloween decorations…

October 9, 2011

If you like Halloween as much as I do – or even 1/2 as much as I do – you’ll probably want to put up some type of decorations to celebrate the season.  I love a low pressure crafty project and this one seems pretty easy.  A mask of some sort filled with newspaper or old trash bags, wired to a coat hanger and covered with a sheet or maybe large sheets or a gauzy muslin.If beadazling is more your thing, plug-in the glue gun and hot the craft store for some rhinestones or sequins for this glamtastic Halloween table topper.  best seen from above a coffee table is the perfect place to display something with this much detail.  You could use a fancy spider pin if you have one, paint a toy to match your sparkly bits… or skip the spider all together.This has to be the easiest and my favorite of the bunch.  I’m guessing the faces are drawn on with black Sharpie marker.  So cute right?  Perfect for a centerpiece that needs height, and this project won’t break the bank.  Put done your lap-top and start making a list of the things you’ll need to make your house more festive for Halloween.


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