KELLY WEARSTLER for the home

October 8, 2011

 The iconic interior designer to the rich and famous, Kelly Wearstler is now available to the masses!  She probably wont be making a visit to your home personally any time soon, but you can add a dash of her witty and ironic style via her line of accessories available on her website.  There is more than a little influence from the 1970’s in her brass objets d’art, marble sculptures and ashtrays, vases and much more.  Her style may not be for everyone, to me there is something ironic to most of her pieces, a wink as if she knows there is a silliness or whimsy to them, but at the same time glamour and glitz.

Here is a link to her blog, her inspirations and current goings-on make for good light reading ( much like this blog ) and I enjoy the creative process she builds into her blog that gives the reader an idea of how she is inspired, what motivates her and how she gets things done ( photo shoots etc.)


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