Sorry I’ve been so late with posts lately, It’s a very busy season both at work and at home.  These days my me time is filled with hunting down key items for my Halloween costume, painting… hot glue gun-ing… and scouring the basement, attic and families houses for illusive items.  Work is CRAZY busy too.  Everyone wants something (everything) in by Thanksgiving and It’s got me running from morning til dusk.   Sure I still troll the internet, check Facebook and never miss Project Runway – shocking results, but that’s a different blog – but the mood to sit and write has been evading me.  So here, borrowed from Design Milk is a great post on designer Frank Flavell.  Enjoy.

Frank Flavell

Young designer Frank Flavell paired with the furniture and product design firm, & Then, to create the Leaning Man tables and shelves. The simple leaning cube design of the side table, made from ash and lacquered MDF, evolved into the creation of the Leaning Man Console and Leaning Man Shelves. The design is quirky and fun and comes in range of colors.  The Leaning Man collection can be purchased from & Then.

Frank Flavell

Flavell has a few other projects that include the the Wingback Dining Chair and the Standard Lamp. The Wingback Chair is meant for public spaces to evoke privacy from a crowd.

Frank Flavell

Frank Flavell

The Standard Lamp has a center pole that allows for raising and lowering as needed to control the light in a room.  Read more at Design Milk:


Paper Halloween

October 24, 2011

Paper is all you need to make a spooky Halloween decoration for your stairs, walls, windows or lamps.  I love the craftiness of these simple projects.  If I were going to make the ghostly silhouette for my staircase, I’d simply trace a friend laying down on over-sized craft paper and cut it out.  measure for the stair risers and voila!  The bats in the lamp shade are even easier, cut and tape… just be sure to use a heavy paper that allows little or no light through it for best results.  If your not a good drawer I’m sure you could find an image or two on the internet to copy and reproduce.  Happy Haunting!

futuristic funky bed design

The people over at Dornob always seem to have the best radar for cool furnishings.  I was still very much in my grey zone when I came across this bed, love it and I love the grey and white.  This gravity-defying bed seems to float in space. Suspended from the side wall and bolstered by hidden supports the concept is elegantly simple and the optical illusion is dizzying but compelling, particularly set against the flush-to-the-wall minimalist white headboard behind the main hanging frame of the bed itself.  And the grey adds a sophistication I must say.

futuristic modern bed design

This hover bed by Alf Group also converges seamlessly with the surrounding shelving and storage spaces, themselves part of a larger elegant headboard system that provides stability to the bed where it meets the wall, as well as visual continuity.

futuristic cool bed diea

More than a mere aesthetic trick, this designer bed-and-headboard set is actually quite functional and relatively minimalist. Only the essential edges and lines to make everything work well as part of the whole bed, and each element reinforces the floating horizontals that are the centerpiece of the design concept.


October 23, 2011

Since I missed a day or two – sorry, sometimes it just happens – here is a p.s. to the bed post.  Perhaps the anthesis of the pervious bed… this one is made completely of soft goods that are grounded and visually “heavy”.  Created by textile designer Linda Topic for a competition, this is a semi-serious look at an easy alternative to complex and costly wooden frames. Hard to say how well the super-soft approach would work for less-tolerant backs, but the idea is genuinely ingenious.  I think if you stacked multiple futons you would get the support needed for a comfy sleep and the look of this beautiful bed.  I’d like this look in a beachy loft space, maybe all white, off white and cream?  pretty.

Trend Alert

October 20, 2011

Funny how colors trend in and out of popularity when it comes to design and home decorating.  Colors can become so popular that they become cliché and fall out of fashion, only to resurface after it overexposure has been forgotten.  One of the strongest trends of late is certainly light blue and brown.  That combination is what teal and mauve was to the 80’s, it will define this decade, I’m sure of it.  A color I see becoming popular again is grey.  Back in the day everyone – and I mean everyone – had grey walls and white trim, we also had track lighting but thats a different blog post.  Todays grey is perhaps a slightly warmer grey and I’m seeing it over and over agin with camels and tans.  

Brag Blog

October 19, 2011

On a trip up to Maine recently I was on the hunt for a table lamp for our library.  I wanted to move a pair of floor lamps (or one anyway) from behind the sofa and I wanted to add a table light to the table behind the sofa.  And, while I had a sense of scale, I was open to metal/ceramic/wood & black/green/white/brown, or a combo of those… bottom line? Second store, less than 5 minutes, this lamp! = Super happy.

I love the patina on the japanned spool base, there are areas where the gold and black lacquer is rubbed away.  For me the visible age adds to the story of the room… old, new or shiny, dull.  I pulled the match stick lamp shade off of another light in the store and was thrilled to find it was a deep green that when lit glows a warm amber.  Because I mixed the parts of two fixtures the shop owner was able to supply the appropriately sized harp and a pretty finial. Needless to say, I scored. Perfect lamp, hand-picked shade, comfortable price, yay!

The Same Only Different

October 18, 2011

I’m a fan of both looks, sleek modern and uncluttered as well as rustic and rough.  For me it’s about what feels appropriate to the environment and the home in which it’s found.  It makes sense that the modern kitchen would make for a good urban space, an efficient place to prepare breakfast before a hectic day in the city.  The rustic kitchen is more of a pot roast, stormy night kind of place, with a fire in the fireplace, a weekend getaway.  No matter where you live, you can’t go wrong with white on white.  If you’re remodeling or freshening up your old kitchen consider taking down your upper cabinets, it really opens up a room.