Trunk Club

September 29, 2011

Here’s an idea for men who like fashion but might not have the time or frankly the style to make the right decisions.  The Trunk Club offers a box of clothes chosen specifically for the recipient after a long and thoughtful questionnaire is completed and a profile is created for that particular customer.  I signed up just to see how things progressed and was astounded to hear from my personal shopper within 48 of completing the necessary on-line form.  Yes the clothing they send is premium designer stuff with some moderate labels that include J.Crew so each trunk isn’t “cheap” but they do allow returns on anything that has been chosen for you that you might not care for.

The sweater above is featured on their website right now.  It’s by Autumn Cashmere… and I love it.  The toggle thing is popping up EVERYwhere, coats and sweaters to be sure, and is a signature of Fall.   Jump on this trend that has really been around since the 60’s and get hip with the help of the Trunk Club.


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