What Color Is Your House?

September 26, 2011

That question is code for What Color Should I Paint My House?  I’m struggling with the decision, should I go White – classic and timeless – or deep putty grey, the designer “make a statement” choice.  The thing to think about when choosing a paint color for your house is first and foremost: Do your homework and pick a color appropriate to the style of the architecture! Second, think about the durability of the color in regard to the location of your home (you probably don’t want to go with white in an urban environment).  AND, for Pete’s sake… go out side and look at all of your neighbor’s house colors and pick something complimentary to the houses surrounding you.  This doesn’t mean you can’t contrast with your neighbors, because you probably want to contrast more than blend in… but think about how your choice will fit in to the neighborhood.

Here is what a safe grey would look like.

This is a good example of a dark grey with white.

Love the soft tonal palette of this house.

…and this is a terrific dark dark grey, maybe my favorite.

Funny how making a decision for clients comes so easy for me, and making a decision for my self is SO hard!  I think the problem is I like too many looks, and faced with the choice to only pick one “look” AND the price of the job (yikes) and the commitment to the length of time I’ll have to live with my choice is daunting.  Stay tuned for a “before” shot and then, hopefully some day soon an “after”!

p.s. it’s all about me today!

2 Responses to “What Color Is Your House?”

  1. Meloney Brooks Says:

    What color is the dark gray exterior ?

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