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September 7, 2011

A friend of mine turned me on to a new style blog that is very well done and interesting. The Style Saloniste moto is: Celebrating and analyzing interior design, style, new books, fabulous people, bold world travel, creativity and inspiration, and they deliver.  Here is a small (edited version) of the full blog post…

With paint-brushes, patience, style, skill, wit and passion, San Francisco decorative artist Michael Dute conjures up exotic worlds on the walls of his Berlin apartment.

“I wake up and I’m in China or Pompeii or eighteenth-century France,” said Dute, who now lives in Berlin. He specialises in interiors inspired by 18th-century European architecture, Chinoiserie, and invented decor.
During the week, Michael Dute paints luscious murals and glamorous rococo-inspired decorative wall panels for interior designers and private clients all over the map. But after-hours he paints only for his own pleasure.  Come for a visit, and see the rare beauty and technical mastery as he paints an embellished other-world. It’s a work in progress. I’d say two more years…

Two years ago, Michael Dute airlifted himself to Berlin—to be inspired, to see art, to feel the energy of the city. Then, restless artist, he got to work on his house.  “I painted the walls in the tradition of 18th-century European artists who created highly detailed imaginary seascapes and landscapes with panoramas of people and temples and trees,” said Dute. “I’m willing to put in years of effort to make these paintings exceptional and timeless. This way of working is very fulfilling. I never tire of these paintings. There’s always a detail, a color, or scene or an implied interaction that captures my attention.”

Painting for hours a day, and often for weekends at a stretch, Dute executes his murals, ceilings and painted woodwork in the minutest detail, down to the frothy waves on lively seascapes, the belts and ornamentation on Chinese robes.

“My vision is to suggest the residence of an 18th-century French or Italian philosopher/scientist who was crazy for the idea of China or Paris ,” said Dute. “He had never actually been to China or France or the Veneto. But he’d seen paintings and porcelains. They were the inspiration.” — Michael Dute

“In my painting and subject matter, I am always inspired by French artists like Fragonard and Boucher who painted exuberant, exotic scenes and landscapes based on their romantic views of idyllic life in the countryside, and in China,” Dute said. “Like Boucher, I love to depict leisure scenes, but I’m a pragmatic artist, so I also put my people to work weaving silk, fishing, harvesting, washing clothes in the river, dyeing silk, rowing a boat. This gives the paintings more energy and movement and gives them some bite. They’re dynamic, not too sweet.”  — Michael Dute

Click over to the Style Saloniste to read the entire post and others.  


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