White Kitchens

September 6, 2011

So here I sit, home from vacation for a day or so.  after two weeks of sunny weather I’m home and it’s raining on my first day back at work.  Funny isn’t it?  In a weird way it makes being back and getting to work a bit easier.  I’m excited for some big installations this week and next, but I’m not looking forward to moving new furniture and rugs into clients homes in the wet weather.  What does that have to do with White Kitchens? Nothing… sorry.

I will say that traveling influences the way I see things when it comes to design.  And of course a kitchen in a mountain home may not be appropriate in a suburban setting, but the color palette may be, or it can be tailored to suit Tudor, Cape or Mediterranean architecture.  My point? Well, you know I love a white kitchen and I’m not so impressed by heavy stone back-splashes and over designed cabinetry so you’re not surprised that I love this funky white kitchen.  These last few weeks of vacation were spent in a shack ( almost literally ) with a kitchen than was put together in a weekend, out of scraps and old-fashioned fittings and I loved it.  This white kitchen is a cleaned up version of my vacation kitchen.  It’s far from perfect, and yet it’s perfect.  Sign me up right now, I wouldn’t change a thing.


One Response to “White Kitchens”

  1. richard Crisman Says:

    perfection! happy bday!

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