A Love Letter – to Provincetown

September 5, 2011

I’m back from two weeks of vacation, lucky enough to have one more day to blog, do laundry, clean up the yard and prepare myself for tomorrow, my first day back at work… and my 45th birthday.  I’ve been blogging for about 3 years now (983 posts so far) and I have to tell you it’s something I almost always look forward to doing, unlike the laundry.  And, with the decision to go to the beach or the pool as the biggest decision of the day for the past 14 days, blogging from a comfy place with a water view and a strong cup of coffee in hand has been an even  greater pleasure.

I was in Provincetown MA with my partner and friends from all over and I have to tell you there is really no place like it (that I’ve been to).  People there are happy and friendly, the natural beauty is not to be believed, there are restaurants, shopping, beaches, trails, kayaking, sailing, whale watching, shows, bars, pools, galleries and the best part is you never have to get in a car!  You bike everywhere.  A favorite this last trip was biking home from a friend’s house late night along the tidal marsh at the end of town.  Almost pitch black except for the stars, the moon, and an occacional car, we pedaled past the  moonlit dunes many a night  headed home, giggling the entire way after a fun-filled evening with the best friends a person could imagine.

Irene came to visit, and I’m not talking about my aunt Irene… We were nervous and wondered if we should be leaving or at minimum looking for a safe place to ride out the storm.  Our room, originally old fishing shacks on a wharf, is suspended over Provincetown harbor.  We watched from the wharf as the sky grew dark and the wind picked up speed.  Locals frantically boarded up windows and tucked outdoor furniture away in preparation for Irene’s visit.  We pulled out a puzzle and mixed a few drinks and settled in for a night of strong wind and rain.  Well the rain never came and the wind created strong waves where our beach had once been, I couldn’t believe it when I saw people taking of their clothes and getting in the water.  As it turned out, I ended up in the waves myself… the water was warmer than it had been all week and the waves were playful and without an undertow.  We swam until we were too tired to stay in, not wanting the fun the end.

The next morning the sky was clear, the beach pristine, the damage minimal and we were right back to where we had been day before.  At the tip of the continent, surrounded by miles and miles of beautiful beaches, scrubby pine forests, antique houses and a quaint downtown that doesn’t close up until the bars empty and everyone has their fill of pizza, standing in the middle of the street, telling stories and making new friends.

4 Responses to “A Love Letter – to Provincetown”

  1. Claudia Says:

    One f your best posts yet. I can tell how much you love it there.
    xxx, C

  2. J Says:

    Lovely. Just lovely.

  3. Peter Says:

    Almost brings tears to my eyes and a warm feeling in my heart!
    Really beautiful.
    xo P

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