Dave Coote

August 27, 2011

Dave Coote is a furniture and interiors designer well-known for his quirky, retro style with an emphasis on reclaimed materials. Having started his career in the film industry in New Zealand, he then returned to the UK to study furniture and product design. He has been running a successful design studio for nearly 20 years producing furniture, interiors, products and photographic sets as well as turning his hand to art directing the short film, Paris Brixton, which was screened in London. He is proud to have exhibited at the first three 100% Design exhibitions and his client list includes high profile names including Ansells Brewery, Marks & Spencer, BHS, Laura Ashley, John Lewis, Ikea, Homes & Gardens, Red, Country Homes & Interiors to name but a few.  His signature look is something I strive for in my own work, but i haven’t had many clients willing to paint their floors white.  To get this look, go easy on color, keep collections to a minimum, skip window treatments and yes… paint your floors.

In the last few years he has developed a passion for building cabins which has now blossomed into another business. Dave also runs his on-line boutique store, Pale & Interesting .  Check it out, you’ll love it!   He lives near the beach with his wife and three sons, and the coast is reflected in the majority of his work.  I love the white, blue and natural palette he doesn’t seem to veer from.


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