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August 25, 2011

I have to admit, I love it when someone else does the research and comes up with a list of the best, and seeing as though I’m on vacation I thought it would be ok to borrow a blog post for today.  Posted recently on this is the who’s who of pins pulls, read on!

Bin pulls aren’t just for country kitchens; these ten will add a pared-down utilitarian vibe to your cabinetry. See Hardware: Glass Pulls from Crown City for glass bin pull options.

Atlas Homewares Euro-Tech Bin Cup Pull

Above: The Atlas Homewares Euro-Tech Bin Cup Pull is 3.75 inches wide and is available in five finishes. Shown in polished chrome; $8.29 at Amazon.

Simple Bin Pull

Above: The Simple Bin Pull measures 3.25 inches wide and is made of solid brass (also available in five finishes, including black enamel, as shown); $14 at Rejuvenation.

Omnia's Cabinet Bin Pull

Above: Omnia’s Cabinet Bin Pull measures 3.63 inches wide and is available in seven finishes, including polished nickel (shown above); $24.90 at Knobs and Hardware.

Bin Pull Plain Smooth

Above: The Bin Pull Plain Smooth from NY-based Urban Archaeology starts at $30 for the polished brass version.

Rectangular English Bin Pull

Above: The Rectangular English Bin Pull is fashioned from weighty solid brass, measures 3 13/16 inches wide, and is available in five finishes, including polished chrome (shown above) for $29.82 at Whitechapel LTD.

Bin Pull from Whitechapel LTD

Above: The high-quality, hand-finished, heavy solid brass original Bin Pull from Whitechapel LTD is available in three sizes (useful if you need different sizes in a kitchen) and five finishes. Shown in the medium size (3.7 inches) with a polished chrome finish; $16.72.

Armac Solid Brass Label Holder/Bin Pull

Above: A good option for those who wish to label specific cabinets: the Armac Solid Brass Label Holder/Bin Pull is $20.39 at Van Dyke’s Restorers.

Basic Bin Pull

Above: California-based Crown City Hardware’s Basic Bin Pull is available in five finishes (including lacquered cast iron, as shown), measures 3.5 inches wide, and is $7.49.

Traditional Design Series Bin Cup Pull

Above: The Schaub & Co. Traditional Design Series Bin Cup Pull is available in 3-inch and 6-inch sizes; $21.56 for the large size at the Hardware Hut.

Crown City Hardware's Modern BIn Pull

Above: Crown City Hardware’s Modern BIn Pull with rear mounting offers a clean look with concealed screws. Measuring 3.75 inches, it is available in four finishes. Shown in oil rubbed bronze; $17.99.


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