August 21, 2011


Yep, I’m on vacation.. At the end of the continent, the tip of Cape Cod. An entire town built on dunes and some luck… luck is whats kept it here for as long as it has. Low to the water and tides, expose on all side to storms and the elements, Provincetown is a beautiful place and it’s quality of light is like no other place I’ve been to. No wonder painters and other artists have been coming here for 100 years or more, hoping to capture some Ptown magic in their work. I’m not an artist, really. While I appreciate the beauty I am not compelled to harness a medium during my lazy days spent mostly swimming and laying about, but my work is deeply influenced by the places I visit and the things I see, where ever I am.  This place is magical.  It’s a place that people come to vs pass through, there is one way in and one way out, and thats the same way.  This is the place that reminds we about what is important, Friends, love, good foood, beauty, and of course happiness.  Provincetown also reminds me that taking a relaxed apporach to design can be a very good thing.  Interiors that simply perform but don’t try too hard, the one’s that are charming for what they are but are never published, casual and easy to be in.


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