White Kitchen …and then some

August 19, 2011

You know me and white kitchens… Rustic, Country, Traditional, Modern, it doesn’t matter just give it too me white!  I think the Haines House and its white kitchen, located in the inner city Sydney suburb of Newtown, is a total success. The major remodel involved the complete refurbishment of an existing single storey semi-detached dwelling with the addition of an open plan volume beyond the original rear existing roof plane, to improve the physical and visual relationships to the new rear garden, while harnessing improved access to sunlight, natural ventilation and views to borrowed landscapes and sky beyond.  Phew, objective achieved!  …And how beautiful.

I think the use of black, white and grey is what makes this project so successful.  There is harmony in the colorless palette and balance between the high contrast finishes.  Now truth be told, I might have put a sofa in the garden end of the room, perhaps with it’s back to the dining area, but the clean lined pair of chairs suit the space well.  LOve the mirrored back-splash in the “barely there” kitchen and the vertical board walls make for great texture and visual interest in a simple room like this.  LOVE.


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