Postcards from the Edge

August 18, 2011

Would you believe THIS is my dream house?  It’s in Provincetown MA, in the West End of town.  I ride my bike to coffee every morning and pass this weathered old structure and it pulls my heart-strings every time.  I’m drawn to the rustic state it’s in, it’s not prissy or perfect, the casualness of it and its condition say “you can relax here”.  Oh, and it happens to be on the water with its own dock, so waking up to the beautiful light on the water is an added benefit.  I’ll be back out in Provincetown soon, on a much-needed vacation.  I’ll be sure to check my little house everyday and I’ll send “postcards” via BillBlog.  It’s an early start for me today so that’s it I’m afraid.  If you didn’t visit yesterday, scroll down and follow the link to my guest blog on  Thanks!  


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