Color Palette Love

August 16, 2011

First of all how could you not love the painted floor? I’m still trying to figure out if it’s the same color as the walls in a different finish, giving it a lighter effect or if in fact a slighty different color or shade.  Either way I love the dark warm grey “envelope” of the walls and floor that allow for the high contrast of black and white furniture.  The deep wall color tempers the bright white and pure black to allow a more subtle aesthetic than you might get against a lighter wall color.  The whimsical shapes (shag floor pillow and ostrich side table) are done in a grey tone making them secondary – a smart choice, that way the room maintains sophistication and the playful elements are a subdued.  We don’t want a theme park or PeeWee’s playhouse living room now do we?

What I love about this room is the softness and tonality.  To me it feels as if everything has been dusted with a coating of powdered sugar.  The textures and forms become the visual interest because almost everything is black white or grey.  The Blue bowl is a perfect foil to the otherwise grayscale room.  If  I was going to change something in this space, I think I’d add a little luster, a tiny bit of bling… a chrome antler on the table, or a mercury glass lamp or a silvered chest of drawers.


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