Designing the Details

August 15, 2011

You walk into a room and you get the big picture.  The color on the walls the architectural style, the furniture tells a story… modern, traditional, contemporary… but after the initial message is revealed, your left to discover the details.  Sometimes it comes in the way of good art, or interesting collections, books and the like, but sometimes the smallest details explain the attention and thought that really make something extraordinary.  The key hole escutcheon, the door knobs, the shower lever, the door stop… most people overlook things such as these, lost in the crazy decision making process that comes with building or remodeling.  Some people cherish the small intimate details, the shower door handle, the finish inside a closet, or even the medicine cabinet and what it looks like inside.


Incredible huh?  ..and that’s just the bathroom.  The apartment I recently had the pleasure of staying in has great details everywhere, not just the bathroom.  In the main rooms deep moldings allow for window shades and drapery panels to fit behind them at each window, decorative trim and paneled walls are all painted the same creamy white creating shadow lines and interest without the use of other colors or other wall treatments. My favorite thing about this particular apartment was the use of just a few finishes (White, walnut, sterling, marble) and how a light and dark were used to create drama and interest. it’s really just so beautiful.

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