I’m Working On It!

August 13, 2011

Well it’s finally here! The day we start installing furniture at the contemporary (transitional/modern) beach house I’ve been working on for a long, long time.  I have lost track of how long it’s been since I first reviewed the plans.  BUT, it’s here.  it’s real. It’s a house becoming a home for two very lovely clients.  Sconces are installed, stone counter tops are in, painting and grass cloth wall paper is up and done and the first of the floor coverings have been unrolled.  The sisal you’re seeing in the image below is Merida’s Kyoto Glacier, a taupey weave in a herringbone pattern, it’s a sharp-looking natural area rug that feels beachy and modern at the same time.  I custom ordered this rug in 13 feet wide (that’s as wide as the goods are woven) by 18 feet long, all three sofas – once installed – will fit comfortably on the rug helping to gel the sitting area and warm the room that will hopefully remain some what spare in its furnishings… but not this spare!  We’ve only just begun to furnish it, the vintage painting isn’t even framed for Pete’s sake.  The sofas by the way are the ones I spec’d long ago by Thomas O’Brien for Hickory Chair, they are the Studio Sofa.  I had them made with bench cushions for napping and ultimate capacity at parties.

The fireplace took many meetings to get the scale color and shape right.  I pushed for the most modern form I could get for the room, and I’m pleased with the way it turned out.  The color is perfect!  on close inspection the heavy and dense mass has a hint of shimmer and is perfect with the wall color, the rug and the sofas (if I do say so).  What you can’t see because it’s not in yet is the third sofa that faces the fireplace.  It’s a dark grey and tan geometric woven fabric that pulls the cool and warm tones found in the room, the “permission fabric”.  Meaning: the geometric that mixes tan and grey allows us to use grey and tan in harmony because there are elements in the room that possess both.  In fact, the floors are also “permission material” only they are largely a warm tan with taupey-grey streaks due to mineral deposits in the wood (from Carlisle Wide Plank Floors) the finish is White Washed Fence.

And a sneak peek of the unfinished house wouldn’t be complete without a shot of the kitchen.  It’s not styled or lit well and you can even see our work table in the bottom right corner, but it’s coming together.  I love the solid marble backsplash.  The stone is called White Rhino, it has very subtle veining in grey and tan, it looks a lot like onyx.  The kitchen design was lead largely by myself and the client but the folks at Roomscapes in Rockland MA were a pleasure to work with and everything went in without a hitch.  Can’t wait to poke in the final details and clear the debris.  The kitchen picture was taken with the water view to my back and I’m standing where I hope to place a beautiful Asmara Rug (the Lycia BB I blogged about a week or two ago).  Without a dining room table and chairs – yikes I know! – the decision is coming slowly on the rug… Fingers crossed.


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