Outdoor Showers

August 10, 2011

With a summer-house comes amenities like screened porches, proximity to the water if your lucky and of course outdoor showers.  I LOVE AN OUTDOOR SHOWER.  Both the big and little houses I just visited had them and I loved being able to see the sky and feel the warm summer air while cooling off under the gigantic rain style shower.  The idea of an outdoor shower seems to have spread like wildfire, you can’t find a summer-house these days without one.  Aside from the romantic ides of bathing outside, this little invention keeps beach goers from tracking sand through the house, into what ever room they change in and the bathroom floor as well.  It’s also handy if you’re a gardener that really gets into your work.  With a towel and some shampoo at the ready, a long and refreshing shower is the perfect way to end after a day in the yard.

Images: Remodelista.


2 Responses to “Outdoor Showers”

  1. Uncle Beefy Says:

    As long as I still gots some privacy… this always sounds heavenly! That first option is amazing! 🙂

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