August 9, 2011

The island of Nantucket is a crazy place, full of charm and history.  It’s also packed in the summer months with people climbing over each other to buy expensive Sofas, sushi and sweaters slacks and socks and anything else they can spend their money on.  But with that comes a higher level of cuisine, quality and service.  I had a wonderful time in the village last night.  It started with a shopping spree (like all the other tourists) at Jack Wills, a new favorite!  Then I went to dinner at LoLa 41 for the best sushi – almost as good as Zuma in Malibu – on Nantucket.  After a walkabout taking in the store windows, the architecture and well-kept yards… a dark walk back to the car – the streets and sidewalks are kept dark, really dark.  Back at the house I was met with complete stillness, only the cicada bug making noise and absolute  darkness, ah… perfect.  Here is a photographic recap of my day on the island…

My favorite house of the trip, small, white, and all that ric-rac – I mean come on, it’s done to the 9’s.The dressing room at Jack Wills, English import think JCrew with a british twist.  I bought fuchsia shorts.

Window shopping through the bullseye glass, how very charming.Coastal, a very hip little store filled with vintage, reclaimed and modern pieces.  Love it!

Sushi at LoLa 41… very, very good!  Good enough for John Kerry ( who was sitting next to me ).

2 Responses to “ACK”

  1. Teresa Kaeterle Says:

    So cool… it all Bill….fuschia shorts huh!

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