More Summer (please)

August 6, 2011

Nothing like a big platter of seashells…Please pass the summer!

I had a great weekend as most of you know recently that included a visit to Martha’s Vineyard but I can’t believe how quickly summer is passing this year.  To hold on to a bit of it this year I – along with a special helper – spent time crafting these votive holders from found shells on a local beach.   We picked up 10 times more shells than we needed to make two 10″ high hurricanes but having so many shells to choose from made fitting them together much easier.  All this project took was the shells, a matching set of glass sleeves and hot glue.  I think any shell would work for this project but I do love the warm glow of the yellow, orange and apricot these give.  Anyone old enough to use a hot glue gun would enjoy an evening of creativity and after a day in the sun ( or on a rainy day – we get those in the summer ) making something like this, so next time you are looking for a fun and easy project consider making these or a lampshade or a mirror frame, or a… ?  The possibilities are endless.

We started at the bottom and worked up, working all the way around the cylinder.  

After the initial row was finished the process became a bit more organic and fitting in where possible became the tactic of choice.

We decided to invert the top row of shells to give the lip a finished look.


4 Responses to “More Summer (please)”

  1. Peter Griglik Says:

    those really are beautiful! Now all I need is a house by the sea………….!

    • bill barr Says:

      Hurry and get one and then invite me outI Thanks for you support of the Asmara blog too, glad to know you enjoyed it… Please feel free to reach out if you ever need help sourcing a product. You are in good hands with the folks at Asmara, they are all top drawer. Happy reading.

  2. growtheflow Says:

    With the rest of the shells you can put a candle in a jar within a jar and pour the shells into the outer jar. Not quite as dramatic, though.

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