Lisa Daria – A Painting A Day

July 29, 2011

Good decorating usually includes good art, it finishes a space and art also says a lot about the person that chose it…it’s personal.  Paintings can move us, photographs haunt us, feelings are typically involved when it comes to choosing and enjoying art.  For me artwork is a little like having people in the house, each piece has a personality, it reminds me of a certain time place or person and the artist is always there too.

When chosing art, please keep in mind that it has to speak to you, it doesn’t have to match the sofa but it should be the right scale for the wall or wherever you are planning on putting it.  If you fall in love with a tiny painting like the one above from Lisa Daria, hang it in a small grouping with other paintings or find a small wall ( between two doors perhaps ) where the size feels right.  Good art does not have to be expensive, but remember when buying that someone created that art, they spent time and energy to bring that piece to life.  So, if you have to… save towards each piece, or buy one at a time and slowly build a collection.  Art is so worth it.

Lisa Daria sells a painting a day on her blog.  She is amazingly talented and I wouldn’t mind owning one or many pieces of her work.  Please check her out by clicking here.


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