Ropes,Strings & Cords… oh my!

July 28, 2011

Trend Alert!  The classic Acapulco Chair was designed in the 1950s in the Mexican beach town of the same name. While the chair is prolific in Mexico and exists in many different shapes and sizes, its original designer is unknown. This lounger chair unifies tradition with innovation and harmonizes the function of ergonomic comfort with retro-modern aesthetic form. The Acapulco is in every way cool, and designers are using it and other chairs like it in projects from the Hamptons to Long Beach and everywhere in between.   

Everywhere I look there it is, a stringy web like chair, sometimes a throw-back sometimes a modern version.  The Acapulco chair from Ocho Workshop gets a new look (below) in leather.  The natural material gives the retro looking chair a relaxed hippy vibe.

And, it’s not just chairs getting into the act.  This trend is already morphing into stools, tables and other household items.  I love the way the recycled plastic rope over these stools makes them feel so tribal.  On the left: Sal Stool Damru Silver; $120. On the right: Sal Stool Round White $120.  Great in a beach house the texture make these little side talb/ottomans a perfect pull-in along side a chair or sofa.  See more about these at Design Milk:

Marcel Wanders Knotted Chair is a modern update on the concept, very reminiscent of the fishing net light fixtures posted yesterday.  An instant classic when created in 1996, this small armchair is made of macramé knotted carbon and aramide fiber cord with an epoxy resin finish. Each chair is shaped by gravity and the hands that made it. regular appearance is slightly greenish. also available in chrome finish through Droog:


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