White Kitchens (by Riesco & Lapres)

July 26, 2011

Riesco & Lapres Interior Design was founded by Nancy Riesco and Rebecca Lapres in 1992. The firm has grown to include Andrea Robinson, Senior Designer, Catherine Radcliffe, Associate Designer and Jennifer Mellander, Project Manager. So who knows who gets credit for these lovely kitchens but the firm is well-known for creating spirited interiors ranging from whimsical contemporary to old world elegant, aiming to blend old and new in fresh and original ways, and that shows.  In this business you can be guarded and worried about loosing clients to other designers or you can celebrate the craft, share ideas and give kudos’ to other talented designers when it’s deserved.  I want top go on record… this design team seems to know whats what because I went through their entire portfolio and ever project rocked.  Each was different and unique but all had a thread theat totally related back to the governing style of the firm.  Beautiful. You go ladies!   … and it should be noted that most  (if not all?)of these images were shot by Janis Nicolay http://www.janisnicolay.com.

Riesco & Lapresoffers a wide range of design services for residential, commercial and multi-family development, including space planning, mill work design, materials specification, custom furnishings, individual consultations and project management.  If you live in Vancouver, British Columbia or around those parts and need an interior designer, call them Tel: 604-736-9440or Email Nancy at: nancy@riescolapres.com  …Enough of that… lets look at more of the firms work, yum eye candy!

I could eat the color palette, soft and rich… a caramel candy dipped in thick wiped cream.

Modern and fresh but not at all sterile.  the Nelson bench is good and I love the art (and how low it’s hung).

Jean Cocteau in the bathroom, yes please.  I’ll have mine with a modern vessel sink.

Saltwater taffy with a twist… I love a horizontal stripe, anywhere.

Do I have to write anything? I mean… Come on!  Pretty.

I’m almost through, had to show you this one.  The fireplace is to die for.


4 Responses to “White Kitchens (by Riesco & Lapres)”

  1. Nancy Riesco Says:

    Aren’t you a sweetie for all your lovely comments about us, and for including some pics of our work??!!
    Thank you and stay tuned. We’re adding some more photos soon.
    Nancy Riesco

    • bill barr Says:

      I really liked your work! All comments richly deserved. Please advise if I have incorrectly labeled any of the images as your work, I can go back and amend. Used much of your copy in the hope that I relayed a message your comfortable with. No doubt people looking for good design in your area will google your name… if they find my blog I want it to represent you appropriately. All the best, Bill : )

  2. Nancy Riesco Says:

    All the details look fine except that Tanja is no longer working with us 😦
    Also, the photographer for most of the shots was Janis Nicolay http://www.janisnicolay.com
    Thanks again.

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