July 23, 2011



This little house isn’t so little.  I love the super clean lines of this cape style house, the center portion is a very classic shakeresque structure that has a main livingroom flanked by fireplaces at both ends.  Attached to the little house are two not so small modern wings that create front and back courtyards.  The symmetry of the buildings and the old mixed with new styles makes this house very interesting to me.  It’s the balance of casual and elegant, modern and old-timey and small but big.


Also available with-in 10 miles of my current residence is this beauty (below).  This house along with the one above are both on the market for mid $700,000’s.  Don’t anticipate moving anytime soon, but aren’t the proportions of this house lovely?  Funny.. when I ask clients to pull photos of things they like colors, interiors, inspirational objects something always “come to the surface”.  Look at my pictures, clearly I’m mad for symmetry (love a double chimney’s) modestly proportioned homes with some formality painted all one color.  Like I said, I’m not moving… but I do need to paint my house.  I think I might go all creamy white, with a strong shutter color.


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