A Beautiful Room

July 15, 2011

OK, so it’s a showroom, not a private home but it could easily be an elegant dining room in a Mediterranean style home in Los Angeles or a modern box in the rolling hills of Pennsylvania or anywhere else for that matter!  The design executed here is pretty limitless when it comes to how it suits the surrounding architecture… you could put this room in almost any home.  What drew me to this photograph of the Kneedler-Fauchére showroom (My favorite in SF when I was living/working there) is the idea of a strong modern table with upholstered chairs as the lead chairs and the tonality of the colors allowing the textures to be the visual interest.  All of that adds up to one beautiful room if you ask me.  I’m working on a project that could use a look like this, I’ve been showing Parson’s tables to the clients and small skirted dining chairs from Lee Industries like this one.

I’m suggesting all upholstered chairs because the dining area is being planned with no rug and no fabric window treatments… Some thing needs to soften the look and absorb some of the sound, and of course it’s also a great look.  Good design doesn’t have to be expensive either, I love the table in the image above, the metal legs and thick wooden top are a very sexy combo but I’m willing to bet it’s 10K…  I’m loving this one from Mitchell Gold.



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