Facebook Fine Art (SNAPshots)

July 11, 2011

I am struck by beautiful images taken by friends and friends of friends on Facebook with so much regularity that I have started a small file on my desk top for images that really speak to me.  A quick glance at this photograph might lead many to assume it is a painting, the soft focus suggests a photorealistic style of painting and the horizontal blocks of color suggest a well thought out  from a This painterly image is quintessential summer to me… I can feel the cold water on my warm sunburn, smell the distant campfire in the air and know most certainly that dinner will be barbecued all with a glance into this image.  Growing up we spent summer vacations on a lake, car inner tubes were  the floatation device of choice back in the day and we caught crawfish off the pier, this image is all of that for me.  I’m guessing that most people have their own interpretation of this beautiful SNAPshot or perhaps are making memories to be recalled another day.  Whichever it is for you, Happy Summer.


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