Sweet (summer) Dreams

July 10, 2011

I can’t help but embrace all things synonymous with Summer when its hot outside… White sheer curtains, natural sisal rugs, linen slip-covers and Whitewashed furniture are a few of my favorites.  Where I live the saying on any given night that has a breeze is that it’s “a good night for sleeping”  the humidity of the East Coast can be oppressive to the point that sleep is difficult – for those who don’t have central air conditioning of course.  Anyway, who couldn’t imagine themselves settling in for a good nights sleep on this beautiful whitewashed bed available through Canvas.  The finish is great but I also love the long legs that give this bed a light and airy appeal.  the scale of the bed and it’s proportions are what make it so great, the whitewashed finish is a bonus.

It is made from Solid North American Ash and is available in Queen 86-1/2″L x 61″W x 86″H, platform height 22″ from the floor  $2950 or King size 86-1/2″L x 77″W x 86″H, platform height 22″ from the floor  $3250 there is of course the typical 8-10 week lead time… call for details 212-461-1496 or check out the link above

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