Inspired Room

July 6, 2011

No doubt this room has white sheer curtains on dark wooden poles across every window, tropical breezes moving them slowly from porch to room and back again.  But what do you think the rest of the room looks like? I’d imagine it has a fairly neutral color palette with a few small accents in a cool color to cut though all that brown, some thing to wake it up just a bit.  If I were finishing the room for a client and this desk and wall art was my starting point, I’d go to the Jim Thompson collection and pull things that look like this…


The graphic leaf print is from Thibaut, the rest are from Jim Thompson.  I’d like the wide stripe on an english armed sofa, with the tweedy solid on the cushions of a pair of rattan, woven type chairs.  Maybe tucked into a corner of the room near a stack of old classic novels, a wing chair in the floral.  I like mixing in the leaf print to freshen the overall look, pillows, bedding or maybe some oversized floor cushions would be good.  Some split bamboo blinds and a sea grass or sisal rug would finish the look.

Lee Industries is my go to resource for upholstery, they are American made in North Carolina and have dozens and dozens of great looking frames to choose from.  The obvious choice for the rattan chairs would be Palecek… the options for cane, rattan and other woven type furniture are endless!  A perfect fit for this dreamed up room.





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