Round Hill – Jamaca

July 3, 2011

Most of us are lucky to be having a warm summer with day after day of  beach weather and warm nights perfect for sleeping with the windows open.  I’m not sure about  Jamaica and how tourists are treated and make to feel when visiting, BUT… I was pretty impressed when I came across these images the other day of Round Hill Jamaica.  Having grown-up in California I took for granted the indoor/outdoor lifestyle before I moved to the East Coast.  Open living rooms, louvred doors and  the like are a total turn-on for me.  I could live that lifestyle 24/7.  And, having a private pool right off the outdoor living room (in 80 degree weather) priceless.

The lifestyle I refer to is available at the Round Hill resort in Jamaica on Montego Bay.  I’ve never been to Jamaica but I think I need to go and visit this beautiful resort.  Private and resort pools, a beautiful beach, tennis and rooms that are well-appointed and beautiful with views for days!  and just look at the rooms…

Chic right? Someone clearly gets the less is more mantra here.  I love the white floors and the blue and fuchsia accents are perfect, they remind you of your tropical surroundings without overpowering the fresh look.  The dark traditional wood furniture reminds of the british colonization that ended in 1958 (Jamaica was fully independent in 1962).



3 Responses to “Round Hill – Jamaca”

  1. richard Crisman Says:

    love! have always wanted to go. I think ralph owns it …. the pictures from Babe Paley’s place

  2. Jessica Whittaker Says:

    Beautiful island. Amazing beaches. But, go all inclusive or stay home.

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