Little House

July 1, 2011

Featured in the New York Times on-line yesterday, I had to show you ( you being the readers that don’t troll the NYTimes real estate section on-line) this cool little house built by architects in Helsinki.  Here are a few snippets from the article…

Their tiny seafoam-green house sits among the faded 1950s-era cottages in the Lauttasaari Recreational Park, a forest of towering evergreens and pines on the Baltic Sea. The cottage, which can be traversed in about five paces, cost about 30,000 euros (or $42,000) to construct and was completed last June.

Mr. Palva, 37, got the idea for the little house two years ago, when he spotted a dilapidated cottage while walking through the woods. The couple, who are principals at Verstas Architects and were part of the International Architecture Exhibition at the 2010Venice Biennale, bought it for 15,000 euros (or about $21,000), with the intention of renovating.

That nautical influence can be seen in the rope ladder to the loft bed, which dangles over the couch, and in the birch veneer cabinets made by Paattimaakarit, a Finnish woodworking company that builds ships and boat interiors.

The kitchen, in the front of the cottage, has large windows facing the sea and a sleek oak counter with two steel stove burners bought at a local hardware store. The house has electricity, but no running water, though there is a hose just outside that they use for washing up.

For more information (and the complete article by Nadja Sayej) click here.


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