Treasures from the Deep and then some…

June 30, 2011

Sorry if yesterdays post was underwhelming… I’ve been crazy busy and rushing rushing rushing around.  Summer is here and I’ve got clients coming out of… well lets just say everywhere!  This post is the rest of yesterdays and I’m working on a great one for later…

You don’t have to go all out if you’ve got a lamp that really says something.  This Neptune light from Oly Studio needs no embellishment.  the deep texture and interesting shape carry the lamp the vibe is carried through with a natural linen shade with subtle variation.  The award-winning designs from Oly Studio infuse antique motifs with a contemporary edge for a memorable and versatile collection. The curvaceous base of the Neptune table lamp is elegantly hand pieced with shell for a coastal-inspired look… this lamp is the ideal size for an end table or nightstand.

Higher up on the food chain – as it were – is this magnificent gold coral lamp from Charles Spada & Antiques on 5. (much of their inventory can be seen on, lamp listed at $750) Hands down my favorite place to shop for accessories, art, and other unique objects, Antiques on 5 in the Boston Design Center is committed to a look.   If bleached out, white on white furniture, swedish antiques and other worn, aged and patina’d  is your thing, you’ll love it too.  speaking of white on white, sometimes (sometimes = done the right way) plain and simple is the most chic.  But you have to be careful when pulling off minimal… each item – sofa, lamp, rug, matter.

…like this pair of lamps (also from Charles Spada, $1650 for the pair).  The epitome of chic these lamps are big statement making lights, with out bells and whistles.  The drama is in the white on white effect and their scale… these lights are BIG.  One way or another, make a statement… just don’t buy a light, say something with your choice.


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