June 29, 2011

Many have been quoted as having said the devil is in the details.  I don’t know about you but I think it’s really true, no matter what meaning you subscribe to.  To me designing a room and getting the paint color, the rug and the furniture “right” is barely half the battle.  There are so many other details clients never even think of without a gentle nudge from their decorator… Trim, pillows, the finish of a sofa leg, the color of the drapery lining, the depth of a hem ( I could go on and on and on, but I won’t) and yes – say it – lampshades!  Recently a client commissioned a custom lamp shade for a Chinese ginger jar lamp in her livingroom.  Lets just say we spent more on the hand-made stick shade than she spent on yardage for 3 chairs… it was a lot.  But you’d better bet when that light is on, it’s FABULOUS!  Now you know me, it’s not important to spend a ton to get the right look, it’s simply important to get the right look.  And you can’t overlook details like the right lampshade when you’re designing a room.

I sure hope nothing had to die to make this one, but it sure is beautiful isn’t it?

this dreamy 3 color shade was made by the folks at Blanche Fields in Boston.

Purple is SO big right now.  Hand painted paper shade by Blanche Fields.


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