White Kitchens ( a critical look )

June 26, 2011

So I clipped this picture because I really liked the overall vibe of the room, the tile floors, the think stucco walls and rustic beams all work together in this earthy (ok southwestern) kitchen.  There are many things right about this kitchen and you know I’m not the critical type… But to be really honest, whats up with the microwave?  really?!?  they couldn’t have figured out how to build that into a cabinet?  All in though it’s a great palette and finishes are perfect.

Great looking cabinets, The choice to put the glass across the top is a really nice idea.  Display in a hard to reach area makes sense… and cabinets to the ceiling are almost always my preference.  I love the thick counter tops and the ying-yang of the modern lines and traditional wallpaper are really good together.  I’m guessing that this kitchen is a remodel in and older home… updated but still well suited to turn-of the-century architecture.  I guess I’m just not a fan of the pink.

Except for the corny verse over stove alcove, this kitchen is down right dreamy.  the symmetrical refrigerators flanking the stove are beautiful to look at and I’m sure this kitchen is great to cook in… but is storage an issue?  I wonder.  I guess the double wide island houses lots of pots, pans, trays and bowls.  Where are the pantry items thats what I want to know.


One Response to “White Kitchens ( a critical look )”

  1. Janice Says:

    love that wallpaper pattern.

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