Let There Be Light

June 25, 2011

There is no reason to have a $29.99 flood light at your front or back door.  I know how safe you must feel with the motion detector attached to the double-headed home improvement store fixture that was on the house when you bought it… but it’s time for a change.  These “little” details are the things that make a nice home outstanding.  When I garden, I like to weed, plant, trim, water, sweep and then I hose down the walk ways the final step makes the yard photo-ready.  Use this photo-ready thinking when you look around your own home or apartment.  If you think it needs to be changed, freshened or edited then it doesn’t have a place in your space.  So go outside as soon as you finish reading this and review your lighting situation.  Are they pretty? Do they give off an attractive light? do they suit the architecture? do the fixtures around the house match?  The light above is from one of my favorite lighting resources, Visual Comfort.  Their fixtures are well made, their finishes are beautiful and there are many to choose from and there are so many styles that there is truly something for everyone.  I’m going to buy  the Chart House Short Linear in Bronze (height 15″ width 9″ extension 5″) and pair it with the Chart House Large Club Square ceiling mount fixture shown below.

I think the styles match well and the same finish on both will further marry the two.  Now go outside and evaluate your lighting.  Do they look in good condition? Do the styles and finishes coordinate?  It’s your first step to photo ready perfection.


2 Responses to “Let There Be Light”

  1. richard Crisman Says:

    … we have that dbl headed home depot fixture, are you trying to tell us something ….

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