Nantucket Cottage

June 23, 2011

A client asked me to spruce up the cottage on her property on Nantucket this winter, knowing she would have more guests than thew main house could handle (and she also knew she could escape to the little house if necessary when things got too crazy with multiple families under one roof).  We wanted the house to have a relaxed cottage feel with an updated color palette, and I think that’s exactly what we ended up with.  The rug from Dash & Albert (pattern: North Star 8×10 $800) was a great starting point.  We bought all of the upholstery from Lee Industries, they have a good selection of small scale, comfortable furniture all made in the USA so that was a total no-brainer.  I spent a little time shopping “on island” for the cottage on the day of the furniture install, and found some great accessories, but the house is still waiting for custom window treatments, bedside tables and lighting in the livingroom and diningroom areas and art!  Here is some of what I found…

I’m heading back over in the next week or two to install whats missing, most importantly linen drapes on the french doors in the dining area and sweet embroidered roman shades in the first floor master.  Lights and art will be going in too and a pair of pillows for that sofa, ASAP!

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