a new crush

June 20, 2011

I go for things with vintage and/or nostalgia.  I also like things well designed…America, get ready for the one and only FIAT 500.  It packs plenty of both into one tiny little car.  Born over fifty years ago, it was more than just a car. It made history. It gave Italians the ability to move freely and with confidence after the devastation of World War II. For FIAT, a company founded in 1899, this was a rebirth.Now in over 80 countries, it has evolved into a beloved global icon, winning the hearts of passionate drivers, motor journalists and judges alike. Most recently winning 60 international awards, including being named 2008 European Car of the Year and 2009 World Car  Design of the Year.

Of course, it’s not quite as small as the original designed I assume to fit the small streets of Italy.  But the new version really does capture the vintage flair, rag top and all.  I’m smitten.  I’d also like a wicker-seated version to keep out at the summer place (when I get one).  Maybe by the time I have a beach house, they will have produced a convertible wicker seat version like the one below.  My only complaint… It’s not electric.





2 Responses to “a new crush”

  1. Claudia Says:

    This car is adorable, but those wicker seats are kind of scary!

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