Almost White

June 16, 2011

It’s here the trend in paint color that I live by is finally hitting the mainstream.  Everywhere you look now big box retailers are pushing this “colorless”( in quotes because it’s far from colorless ) look in catalogs, displays and windows across America.  Subtle color is the trend du jour.  Warm trim colors and spare furnishings support the look of a bleached out, soft paint palette.  Warm greys, taupes and creams all live happily together because their shade is similar.  If you’re looking for a look, try going subtle on paint color, it’s fresh!

Above: The dining room is painted White Chocolate, while the living room transitions to Overcast both by Benjamin Moore.

Above: In the living room, three shades of white play off one another. The walls are Overcast, the trim is White Chocolate, and the ceiling is Cotton Balls… the point: you don’t have to choose obvious colors to get depth and variation from room to room.  Subtle changes in tone and shade are enough to create interest and define spaces.  I’m working on a home right now with similar palette, the livingroom is Grant Beige, by Benjamin Moore.  Can’t wait to post pics of the finished space.

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