Guest House

June 13, 2011

Yes, it has a beautiful water view.  Relaxed and casual but with an air of old world this tiny guest house is fully equipped for overflow when friends and family come to visit.  I love the over-scaled columns that flank the porch of this gem of a cottage, they reflect the main homes architecture, tying the two structures together and the trellis is a welcome relief from the hot New England sun in the hot afternoons.  Neatly situated between the in pool and the ocean this two room what more should you have to do when on holiday than choose between fresh water and salt?  I think I could be happy living in this one bedroom abode, couldn’t you?

This isn’t the interior of the little house, but it is exactly how I would choose to furnish it.  I love the fresh white linens on the bed, the hotel stitch on the sheeting adds a hint of quality.  the tray ceiling clad in painted boards is definitely my favorite part of this space but I love the antique shutters as closet doors and simplicity of the furnishings… I might change the art work to something a bit lighter, botanicals or something. I’d also add a rug to give a bit of softness to the room, and I know just the one.  This is Adelphi by Asmara Rugs, wouldn’t it be perfect in this room?

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