Goodman Hanging Light

June 12, 2011

Designed by Thomas O’Brien for Visual Comfort the Goodman Hanging lamp is popping up everywhere.  I’m not surprised, this light not only comes in two sizes (23″ tall and 17″ tall) it is offered in a myriad of finishes and combinations of finishes than you can imagine.  Great over a kitchen table, at home over a pool table, kitchen island or just about anywhere you want a focused light and a light that makes a statement.

It seems most prefer to see these lights in pairs.  I know I have used them more often in pairs than as a single fixture, the impact of two is doubly as good I guess.  I have been hoarding this photo to use in a White Kitchen blog post but obviously showing you here how well they integrate into kitchens and how a strong finish can really pull a room together.  The lights in the above image pull the depth of the stone for me and really punctuate the room, a strong visual pop.

It’s all about scale… I used the larger size over this pool table in a contemporary summer-house for clients, the volume of the room and mass of fireplace needed a strong counterpoint, tiny little lights would have looked silly in this cavernous space.  I love the way they pull the room in a bit and add intimacy in a space that verges on being too big.

Shown above in oil rubbed bronze, this fixture also comes in antique brass and antique nickel.  Shade options include: natural parchment, antique white, antique brass and antique nickel.


2 Responses to “Goodman Hanging Light”

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