Big City Weekend

June 10, 2011


I’m on the train headed down to Manhattan to see the Alexander McQueen exhibit at the Met tomorrow and to see a couple of Broadway shows ( the Illusion and Normal Heart ) both quite serious from what I understand… Maybe next time it will be Book of Mormons and Chorus Line… Anyway, I barely made it out of town! Today started early at the Slab Lab in Hollbrook, MA. I met clients there to choose a color and from for a custom poured concrete fireplace surround. I’m very excited about this little project, stay tuned. Then, I raced back to load a side chair and some yardage into the car because a special client is hosting 9 friends over the weekend in her newly redone home and frankly she needed every possible seating option and we wanted it to look extra perfect. ( it does ) THEN, I met someone from one of my sewing workrooms to install a room full of custom sewing. Hardware, drapes, valances… Check! Pillows, shams and bedskirt, Check! Oh and some throw pillows, and new cushions for a sweet wicker chair. Would you believe that’s not all? While the drapes were installed, I hung 3 rooms worth of art to really finish off the job. After all of that I hurried home to say goodbye to the dogs (we have someone who stays with them) grab my bag and drive – quickly – to the train. And here I am… Come back tomorrow for a New York inspired post. Cheers!


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