Anything… for a good client.

June 10, 2011

I get asked to do things that you might not expect a designer to do… from picking out a car’s color and interior finishes, to spending the night in a guest house to “figure out” whats needed.  The other morning I zipped through our local flowermart handpicking literally dozens of orchids and other beautiful plants, baskets, moss, and the like for a customer who is coming in today for the summer season and asked me to “fluff” the main house and porches with living decorations.   I have to say… I LOVED IT.  Total creative freedom and no budget helped make this project so fun but this customer is sweet and appreciative and the house is already so beautiful that it really was a pleasure.  

The truth is I stopped shopping when my Prius was full.  All in all my only regret was not buying the last remaining hibiscus topiary, but other than that I used everything and was short nothing.  A few of my favorite’s included a giant clam shell filled with a acid green creeper that will spill out over the undulating lip of the shell as it grows, 3 huge suculents crammed into a blue and white handled bowl at the edge of the porch, a terrerium I put together from a collection of small houseplants ( carefully hiding all the dirt in a layer of spanish moss) and my favorite the basket of orchids for the living room coffee table… I think I ended up using 14 plants in that one basket, with two spikes of flowers on each!  Thats a lot of orchid.  I felt beacause I kept the palette of flowers to nearly all white that the textures really mattered and impact needed to be made with volume.


It is amazing how some living elements make a house literally come to life.  In this profession I don’t always get to take projects all the way… to this level of detail,   Some folks like to do that for themselves but I gotta say the ‘merchandising” or accessorizing that comes at the end, the “pull it all together” moment is like no other.  Do me a favor, if you are in the middle of a project, or your decorator is… finish the job.  Save some of the budget for art, a few objects just because they make you happy, a cozy throw and yes… a few beautiful and interesting plants.

One Response to “Anything… for a good client.”

  1. Miranda Says:

    Suculents definately do not suck! Love it.

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