Coffee Tables & Lee Friedlander

June 9, 2011

It’s coming to an end with one of my favorite clients (because the job is wrapping up), the walls are painted, the upholstery is in and we are really just filling in the details at this point.  I am in love with the very traditional furniture that was given a new life with updated fabrics, it truly is the best of old and new and the more contemporary elements sprinkled through the project, it’s grown-up but fresh.  One of the more recent additions is this sleek and sexy coffee table from Currey & Co, called the Guilt Twist coffee table.  It delivers the right amount of glitz for this room and I love how it pulls the deep gold of the antique frames on nearby walls.  What this little table also does is wake up the dark wood furniture… without the “oomph” of the gold in the middle of the room, there wouldn’t be quite enough “oomph”.

We kept the look light and airy with two small painted boxes and a beautiful book on Olmsted.  The book is really beautiful infact photographer Lee Friedlander puts his lens to the work of Frederick Law Olmsted (1822-1903), designer of many of this country’s most iconic public landscapes and the father of North American landscape architecture. This book, published to coincide with The Metropolitan Museum of Art’s 2008 exhibition, compiles 89 photographs made by Friedlander in Olmsted’s public parks and private estates. This stunning collection of rich tritones celebrates the complex, idiosyncratic picture-making of one of the country’s greatest living photographers, and also arrives upon the 150 year anniversary of Olmsted’s 1858 design for Central Park. Rambling across bridges and through open meadows and dense undergrowth, Friedlander locates a pure pleasure in Olmsted’s designs–in the meticulous stonework, the balance of exposure to shade and in the mature, weather-beaten trees that attest to the durability of Olmsted’s vision.  For more on Olmsted see my May 19, 2011 post.


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