The Red Inn

June 8, 2011


Written while on holiday, never posted.  An “extra” for today. . .

There are many many places to eat in Provincetown, everything from over priced Mexican to order at the window sea food and burgers. There are also dozens of restaurants that offer a “better” dining experience including: Edwige, Devon, Victors, Jimmy’s and the Mews. All do a fine job and offer something for everyone. Compared to the eateries in New York City, the San Francisco Bay Area and Boston they are simply passable, except for the Red Inn. Perhaps a few dishes are tad over done the menu items are mostly sophisticated, interesting and well portioned. Service is professional and attentive and the majority of the staff seems to know exactly what they are doing – although for so early in the season, a few were a bit more bristly than they should have been.

We all thought the newly remodeled dining room and bar of this classic Provincetown haunt was well done. With a clear East Coast vernacular and nod to the coastal setting the dining room is comfortable and most tables now have bay views. For me the only thing missing was one tiny layer, everything was nice but maybe one step short of finished. Friends felt the food needs to be simplified. Perhaps in this transient town of sophisticated city dwellers, keeping the food simple and not over-doing things would be a better approach than trying too hard to impress with complicated sauces and too many ingredients.

All in all, the Red Inn still delivers. Comfortable and pretty with a great setting I know I’ll go back, again and again.


2 Responses to “The Red Inn”

  1. Kim Says:

    Bill- There are pictures of me as a kid vacationing in P-town at this beautiful spot out on the porch! This blog brought back memories for me 🙂

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